Arches & Privacy Screens

Impress your guests with our decorative archways, gazebos and folding screens

Our archways, gazebos and folding screens are light weight for easy transport and are easy to set-up. Decorate an archway to create a beautiful entry into your event or for a focal point at your ceremony. Use a gazebo outside a tent to designate a smoking area or bar. Folding screens can be used behind head tables to draw the eye toward the wedding party or used to conceal an unsightly area. All of these items can easily be adorned due to the lattice weave of each panel eliminating the need for a lot of tape or wire, saving you precious time.

Lattice Nu Arch

Lattice Heart Arch

Lattice Gazebo

Lattice Huppa

3 Pannel Diamond Screen

3 Pannel Privacy Screen

Floral Privacy Screen

30" Pedistal

36" Asile Post

Heart Guestbook Stand

Lattice Guestbook Stand

Polished Stanchions with
Velor Ropes (Black/Blue)