Pipe & Drape

Pipe and drape is a great way for you to create a back drop, conceal a wall or unsightly area, divide a room or create a hallway. Many experienced party planners use this unique drape and stanchion system to redefine the shape and ambiance of any room or interior of any tent. Don’t forget this little trick. Pipe and drape is also used to create exhibit booths. The banjo fabric that A Plus Party Rental provides is standard industry quality. Pipe and drape consists of base plates, uprights, a support bar and drape, all of which are available in 6’, 8’ or 10’ sections. Combine sections or set up separately, you’re in charge. Colors available: white, maroon, black & royal blue. Flame retardant certificates available upon request. To complete the exhibit booth, table skirting and banquet linens are also available.

Pipe and Drape

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Exhibit Booths

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