Pole/Tension Tents

The graceful swooping lines of a pole tent provide a sophisticated look


Your tent choice is one of the most important decisions you make when planning your event. The tent sets the mood of your occasion, is where all the action takes place and is the back drop for almost every picture taken. A pole tent has interior (center) poles that support the tent top and perimeter poles. It is the center poles that create the graceful swooping lines that tension tents are known for. Please don't forget to look at some of our sample layouts in the links below, to see how your event could come together!

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30Ft Wide Pole Tent

images/pole/1.jpg Click Image to see Layouts

40Ft Pole Tent

images/pole/2.jpg Click Image to see Layouts

60Ft Pole Tent

images/pole/3.jpg Click Image to see Layouts

80Ft Pole Tent

images/pole/4.jpg Click Image to see Layouts