Stage & Dance Floor Rentals in Scarborough, ME

A raised platform stage is perfect for a head table at a wedding or social gathering, music stage, graduation ceremony, runway at a fashion show or for presentation at a corporate event. Our professional Biljax staging will not let you down. Because you have probably put a lot of time and money considering the music for your event, provide a special area for your guests to enjoy your choice. Our professional portable dance floors are a beautiful way to designate a safe, clean alternative to dancing on grass, tar, asphalt or dirt. A dance floor encourages your guests to get up out of their chairs and celebrate.

Dance Floors

Style Example Size
3x4 California Parquet (outdoor)
12' x 18'
3x4 Bracken (indoor)
15' x 15'
3x4 Sico (indoor)
15' x 15'
3x3 Panel Black Marble (Indoor)
12' x 12'

**Stages come in 6'' / 1' / 2' / 3' / 4' Heights. 3' / 4' Heights may include additonal charges for bracing.

Packages Example Size
images/stage/7.jpg Black Stage 8' x 16'
images/stage/4.jpg Black Stage 12' x 16'
images/stage/6.jpg Black Stage 16' x 16'
images/stage/5.jpg Black Stage 16' x 28'
2' Stair
3' Stair
4' Stair